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Free UK Delivery With Orders Over £39 Terms & Conditions Apply

Meaty Bubbles

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Experience the Bubble Fun that Dogs Love!

Enhance your bond with your furry best friend with our irresistible bubble solutions. Once they start chasing these bubbles, your dog won't even think about their chew toys! Made right here in the United Kingdom, our bubble solutions support local businesses and prioritize natural ingredients that are gentle on your dog's digestive system.

These interactive toys are perfect for birthdays or to rekindle the youthful spirit of older dogs. Developed with the UK market in mind, our selection of flavors will delight your dog's taste buds. Watch as they chase and pop multiple bubbles, encouraging activity and exercise.

Whether you're having a party in the garden, enjoying a rainy day indoors, or simply playing together, our bubbles provide a new and exciting way to engage with your canine companion.

Sodium Lauryl, ether sulphate , water, cocamidopropyl, betaine, artificial flavour


  • Suitable for bubble machines, bubble guns, or hand wands
  • Non-toxic and dog-friendly formula, proudly made in the UK


  1. Keep the bottle upright for half an hour before use for maximum effect.
  2. Avoid shaking the bottle to extend the life of the bubbles.

Create unforgettable moments of joy with your dog—get our Bubble Fun solutions today!