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Small Slicker Brush for Dogs

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This small brush with non-slip ergonomic gel handle for removing loose hair works well on debris and tangles. Provides a soothing massage for smaller dogs with lighter coats.

  • Non-slip gel handle that makes it comfortable to use
  • Groom your pet in comfort with a non-slip ergonomic gel handle that makes handling the brush simple.
  • The ball pins are perfect for pets with sensitive skin as they glide through the coat.
  • The nylon bristles remove loose hair, debris and tangles to achieve a smooth coat. Ball pin tips provide a soothing and comforting massage for pets with lighter coats.
  • Suitable for smaller dogs.
  • Daily brushing removes dirt, debris and loose hair that can cause matting.
  • Perfect for use on all dog coat types.


To use this tool simply pass it through the coat using smooth, gentle strokes in the direction of the coat.

Do not use in sensitive areas and do not use repeatedly in one area as irritation may occur.