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6 Essentials for summer travels with your dog

6 Essentials for summer travels with your dog

Hoorah! It's been a long time coming but it looks like we're almost able to go out and about more with our dogs. If you're like us, and don't live near the beach, then getting ready to be able to travel and venture further afield with your dog is an exciting prospect!

Are you ready and prepared for travelling with your dog?

Admittedly travelling for day trips and holidays with a dog isn't as quite the same as packing for a trip with a young child…

But there are a few things that make travelling a lot easier for you and keep your dog happy and healthy.

Top 6 essentials for travelling with your dog this summer

These 6 things will make life easier and more enjoyable for you and your dog whilst you travel around this summer.

1. Car Travel Crate

Ensuring your dog is safely travelling in your car is important. And there really is no better way than in a travel crate in the boot of your car. Ideal for containing your dog so they don't get thrown around, these also dual as a bed, shaded place or quiet place when you're out all day or holiday with your dog.

Available in 4 different sizes and with a washable fluffy cushion for your dogs comfort.

For smaller dogs we also have the booster seat as an alternative

2. Microfibre Drying Towel

Drying your dog off where ever you've been is made easy with these microfibre towels. A great invention that absorbs more water than a normal cotton towel and dries quickly afterwards too.

Available in 2 sizes for different sizes or numbers of dogs.

"I can't rate these Microfibre towels highly enough, they help to dry your dog off so quickly and they are very soft to the touch. The towel also dries quickly and easy to wash. Every dog owner should have one " As Sarah, our Treat Your Dog customer said....

3. Dog Travel Bowl

A small but critical item that goes with dog owners when out for the day, the week or just a normal walk on a hot day.

Choose from small and large ones with clips to add onto your belt, rucksack or dog lead, or dual bowl ones for water and food on the go.

4. A Noodle & Groom Glove

Another small but critical item in our kit bag, this is now a firm favourite in our house as it duals as a towel and paw cleaner along with a brush. Perfect for lightly grooming out mud and sand on the go.

Available in 2 different colours, grey and red.

5. Compostable Poop Bags

There is nothing worse than seeing plastic poop bags left lying around when you are outdoors. So if you like to help the environment whilst out consider using compostable poop bags. These plant based material bags are designed to fit all usual holders and will fully compost within weeks without leaving any trace behind.

6. Dog antibacterial wipes

Handy pet wipes make sure you're not left with bad smells in your confined car and holiday spaces! And these are a larger size than most and come in a handy pack to prevent them drying out. At the current time keeping germs off your dog is important too.


Enjoy your summer travels with your dog. The more prepared we are... the more fun for us all as well as our dogs! See all travel essentials here.

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