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Free UK Delivery With Orders Over £39 Terms & Conditions Apply

Dog Coats with Legs

The best way to cover your dog up and minimise the muddy legs, tummy and chest on a dog walk. With waterproof and padded options you can cover much of your dog's body with these coats with legs. Some have 4 legs and others just the front 2 so there's a style for every doggie.
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    WeePet Dog Clothing

    Pink Parka Dog Coat

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    Gorgeous warm, padded, soft parka coat for your dog. A must have for the winter months, it has a full hood with a fluffy faux fur trim. It fits ove...

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    Original Price £14.00
    Current Price £5.00
    Save 64%

Does your dog need a coat with legs?

The answer to this lies in the breed of dog you own. There are various reasons for buying a dog coat with legs from a low lying tum, to their coat acting like a sponge! Or they're brilliant white and come back from a walk looking like a brown dog.

Dogs that have shorter legs have tummies that are low to the ground. These tums, or underbellies as we call them, are a magnet for mud. A coat that cover their underbelly and legs, will not only cover the tum and legs, but also those hard to clean areas like their shoulders and leg joints.

White dogs, especially those breeds such as doodles, Shih Tzu's, poos and Bichon Frieze, all come home from muddy walks looking a different colour unless your dog is wearing an all in one trouser suit. Mud suit is probably a better name! Breeds such as Cockapoo's, Cavapoo's, Golden Doodles and any long coated breed such as Border Collies, German Shepherd Dogs and Setters, all benefit from a dog coat with legs as the all in one style prevents the long hair getting wet. muddy and matted.

Many of our trouser suit styled coats have a single layer of raincover, designed to keep off the moisture and dirt, but also to ensure your dog doesn't overheat. Many breeds with long coats don't need padding as well.

If your dog does need warmth as well as protection from the wet and mud, then take a look at our dog fleeces with front legs as these offer a great alternative.

We are currently developing our all in one suits for the summer to allow your dog to run around on a milder day, but still have protection from the mud. These dog summer suits are perfect for doggies who suffer with suspected grass allergies too as they keep the grass and grass seeds away from their body when on a lovely warm summer walk.