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Free UK Delivery With Orders Over £39 Terms & Conditions Apply
Free UK Delivery With Orders Over £39 Terms & Conditions Apply

Size Guide

How to determine the correct size of dog coat for your dog

The size of a dog coat is determined by measuring from the nape of your dogs’ neck to base of their tail.

For an accurate measurement, ensure your dog is standing straight with their head up. A Sitting/laying dog or holding your dog will result in an incorrect back measurement.

The nape of the neck is where the shoulder blades start. With your dog standing straight, run your fingers down the back of their neck until you feel where the shoulder blades start-this is the nape of the neck. Measure from this point to where your dogs tail joins their body. Ensure their posture is maintained while you are measuring.

Please measure your dog first before ordering as every breed and dog varies significantly.

If your dog measures between two sizes, we recommend you choose the larger of the two, except with the All Seasons Waterproof dog coat that is better sized down.

There are 3 main measurements that need to be taken when deciding on a size.


 1. NECK (The circumference of the neck)

Measure the neck as you would for a collar.

It is important the item is not too tight on the neck.


2. BACK (The length of the backbone)

Measure along your dogs backbone from the nape of the neck at their shoulders - where the coat would sit - to the base of the tail.


3. CHEST (The broadest part of the chest)

Measure the chest around the ribcage and back at the widest part- usually behind the front legs.

 Printable Measuring Tape

If you are still unsure on what size to choose, please email us at with your dog's measurements and we can help recommend a size.