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Free UK Delivery With Orders Over £39 Terms & Conditions Apply
8 Best Luxury Dog Beds for 2022

8 Best Luxury Dog Beds for 2022

From supportive memory foam and plush fabric with a high fill, luxury dog beds are a great way to improve your home as well as giving your dog the comfort they deserve. After all the average dog sleeps 12 to 14 hours a day so will get great use from it! 

Whether you’re looking for a designer dog bed, an orthopaedic bed or a luxurious fabric dog bed it has to something to appeal to your dog. Enough to tempt your dog away from the couch or off your own bed! Even better if it's something that better suits your home décor than an inexpensive dog bed. We have all of these and more for you.

Here's our list of our top 8 luxury dog beds for every budget


1.Walkster Ultimate Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Bed

Ultimate by name...ultimate by nature! This dog bed really does offer the things you want to offer your dog. Highly filled walls, memory foam cushion, waterproof fabric and no smell! Makes dog owners as well as the dogs happy. 

Our most popular dog bed by far, the UK made, Walksters Ultimate bed is available in 6 colours so can suit your home colour scheme too. 

Made in the UK, this offers a bed for smaller dogs through to larger breeds and is available with fast free delivery on all options. 

2. Walksters Buckingham Luxury Dog Bed

Imagine the softest, most snuggly dog bed and you're somewhere close with the Walksters Buckingham dog bed. The high sides, deep cushion fill and velvety feel fabric make this bed a popular option already in 2021.
Designed for comfort and manufactured in the UK, this bed also has 5 different colour fabric styles with 4 sizes in each. Perfect for any dog who loves to lay in their bed, watch the world go by or just sleep. 


3. Scruffs Kensington Mattress Dog Bed 

Look at the depth of this mattress style dog bed! You don't see that depth very often, but with the Scruffs Kensington Dog bed it oozes comfort with that alone. Add to this a fabric, a luxurious eco-suede style, that has the option to be machine washable too. 

4 colours and 2 different sizes, makes this another versatile option to fit well into your home. With a very reasonable price point from us here at Treat Your Dog. 


4. Snug & Cosy Charcoal Grey Tweed Dog Bed

Designed to offer luxurious comfort, the soft fluffy inside of this bed is matched with a Charcoal tweed making this both classic and modern in style. Looks great in any home décor that centres around grey, this bed is loved by everyone (human or canine!) that touches it. 

The oval shape allows support for those who love to curl up and enjoy many an hour laying in their bed. There are 4 sizes available in this UK made bed, to suit dogs from small to large. 


 5. Hilton Orthopaedic Dog Bed by Scruffs

 As dogs age, many dogs need or deserve an Orthopaedic dog bed to support their joints and bones. Memory foam is the best way to offer support in a dog bed, and this highly filled memory foam dog bed by Scruffs offers an incredible amount of foam (and support) for a great price. Value for money this is as the Large Hilton Memory Foam dog bed weighs in at 8kg of foam alone! 

A popular bed amongst breads of dogs that suffer with arthritis and joint problems as they age. 


6. Walksters Ultimate Check Fabric & Waterproof Dog Bed

After the success of the Walksters Ultimate Waterproof dog bed, this addition to the range was added with high quality check fabric to one side of the cushion cover. Perfect for those dogs who don't need waterproof fabric on the base all the time/year around. It adds style without taking anything away from the benefits of this bed. One of the benefits of a UK designed and manufactured dog bed. 

Adding this option, along with new colours, has meant this bed continues to be a favourite with our doggie owner customers in 2021. 

4 colour options with blue and green added with coordinating check fabrics. 


7. Joules Floral Designer Dog Bed

Joules designer dog beds are a luxury range of dog beds. The Floral Joules dog bed makes it into the top 10 as it is the most popular of the Joules dog beds in our range. 

Each year Joules add different fabric designs to this range,  but this Floral one continues to be their most popular from one season to the next. 


8. Scruffs Ellen Donut Dog bed

So often the donut dog beds available are lightweight and not really luxurious. However this Ellen Donut bed from Scruffs breaks the mold. It  offers a high quality donut bed perfect for those who like their comfort and like to feel safe and secure the walls of a doughnut shaped dog bed. 

Available in 2 sizes, medium and XL, these are perfect for small to medium sized dogs who love their comfort.


These share the top 8 luxury dog beds we have that are popular in 2022 here at Treat Your Dog. We do have many more which can be found here

We continue to strive to find the best luxury dog beds in the UK and add them to the range as we discover them. 






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