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What are the Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs?

What are the Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs?

Finding the right dog bed can be tricky if you have a large breed of dog. I'm sure you'll agree that selecting a large dog bed that’s good quality is really important, considering how much time your best friend spends there. Support is particularly important for larger dogs, especially for older dogs who require support for their aging joints. 

Top choices for larger dogs are orthopaedic and memory foam. These all score high in the comfort and support department and are popular with dog owners.

One thing to be wary of when finding the right size bed for your dog... pay close attention to the stated measurements from the dog bed listing.  Actual measurements for sizing categories like ‘EXTRA’ and ‘XL’ vary by brand. Always check the actual measurements given per size for each dog bed. 

How does your dog sleep? 

Bigger dogs sleep in different positions and this is an important factor to consider when choosing the right dog bed, particularly for large dogs.

Common dog sleep positions for larger dogs include:

  • On their side
  • On their tummy
  • On their back with their paws up in the air
  • Snuggled up with their favourite human or animal friend
  • Curled up into a ball
  • Laying on their side with head raised

All of the above sleep positions have their benefits. For instance, sleeping sprawled out on their side or tummy can help dogs cool off in warmer months. In general, dogs fall asleep in positions that offer physical comfort and psychological safety. If they’re attached to their bed, they’ll find extra security (and adapt their sleeping positions to fit it).

A big part of canine sleeping comfort is warmth. By curling tightly into a ball and tucking their nose under their tail, dogs conserve body heat. Consider how you sleep when it’s cold: bundled up under warm blankets, possibly with your knees drawn up to your chest. Huddling up for warmth is an instinctive behaviour in mammals. You and your dog have a lot in common!

Even though your dog has a warm, dry shelter, they still have the instinct behaviours from their ancestors’ pre-domestic days. This may also explain why dogs ‘make the bed’ by digging into blankets, their bed or even the couch. They’re preparing their nest for the night.

Couch-like beds and cave beds provide an opportunity for nesting for large dogs, as do additional blankets or plush toys.

Recommended Beds For Large Dogs

The Best Large Dog Bed with Sides

Our most popular dog bed for large dogs who like to feel secure with the sides of the bed around them is the 

Walksters Ultimate Memory Foam Waterproof Dog Bed

Popular with Retrievers, German Shepherd Dogs and Setters, this bed offers practicality as well as comfort and support. The 5cm slab of memory foam in the cushion supports up to 50kg body weight and the high sides offer somewhere to rest a head or curl into. 

Beds For Large Dog Breeds

The XXL size is shown in Grey with the Black Labrador and the tough 600 denier fabric allows for hoovering and washing down with ease.

The Walkster Ultimate in Red is a size XL. 

These beds are perfect with either a noodle mat or snuggly blanket inside too! 

The Best Large Dog Bed for Sprawlers

Our most popular dog beds for large dogs who like to sprawl and stretch out are the Kensington Mattress style dog bed and the Orthopaedic Memory Foam range by Scruffs again. 

These beds are popular for Large Breeds who are too big for an enclosed sofa style bed and who like to sprawl or need to stay cooler. Those with big heavy fur coats for the cold climates they originate from love these beds. 

Buy Beds For Large Dogs

The Kensington Mattress style bed is a fabric bed with a very deep fill. Luxury for your dog and peace of mind for you knowing they can feel comfortable. The bed features a fully removable washable cover and a carry handle for moving it around your home. These beds in the Large 100cm x 70cm are becoming popular with long haired long breeds such as Collies, German Shepherds and Setter type breeds. 


Large Dog Bed Reviews To Buy Online

The Orthopaedic Memory Foam range of dog beds are ideal for those dogs who needs some extra support. Breeds with specific joint issues or ageing dogs love these beds! The larger size of 120cm by 75cm offers larger dogs this support with a removable washable cover to keep it (and your dog!) smelling clean!



The memory crumb does take a few days of your dog laying on it to settle into the shape they need but once settled dogs don't want to get out of bed with

Comfortable Beds For Big Dogs

these beds! We have many breeds that have shared their dogs love these beds from setters to Labradors, Golden Retrievers to Pointers, Dalmatians to Vizla's the list is endless. Once thing they all have in common is they love the support! 



See here for all Larger breed dog beds. If you'd like help choosing the right bed for your dog then please get in touch with the Treat Your Dog team on and we'd be happy to help!

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