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Free UK Delivery With Orders Over £39 Terms & Conditions Apply

Dog Cooling Coats

Our cooling coats keep your dog from over heating during the warm and hot weather. Take a look at our options of cooling vests and coats.


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    Dog Cooling Vest by Walksters

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    If your dog doesn't like the feel of a heavier cooling coat, then this cooling vest acts as a lightweight vest keeping your dog cool on even the ho...

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    from Original Price £15.99
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Our cool coats for dogs are a must in hot weather.
Soak, wring out, go.

Our cooling products keeps dogs comfortable in hot weather. From day hikes to trail running to backpacking, or even just for lounging around at home and in the garden, we have options to keep every dog cool.

Heat waves and sweltering summer days do happen in the UK! We believe a happy dog is a dog outside, and no one wants to forego an adventure or a mooch around the garden because it’s too hot. We have the solutions here with coats and vests for dogs to keep them cool this summer.

Pair these with a cool mat and collar and they will be set up for the summer from Treat Your Dog.

To explain how cool coats and vests work we need to understand how evaporative cooling works.

When you step out of a lake or the sea, you may notice a cool feeling when your skin first hits the air. This is evaporative cooling.

Our cooling coats and vests create the same effect by combining a wicking outer layer that facilitates evaporation, a middle layer that holds water for evaporation, and a comfortable inner layer that keeps your dog dry and pulls surface heat away from the dog. All you have to do is get the cooling coat wet, and evaporative cooling takes care of the rest.

The best bit is when you are out for longer periods of time, say at the beach, you can wet the coat again in the sea or with a bottle of water and the coat is good to go again and will keep your dog cool for longer periods of time.