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Dog drying towels

Super absorbent dog drying towels have become an essential in dog owners lives. See our options from towels with pockets to noodle styles, to keep in your car or by the front door.
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    Scruffs Noodle Drying Towel for dogs

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    Scruffs Noodle Drying Towel is extremely absorbent, easily soaking up excess moisture, enabling your dogs’ coat to dry quickly after a wet and mudd...

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    Original Price £13.99
    Current Price £12.99
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Life with your canine best friend involves lots of dog drying towels. Whatever your dog's breed and personality, you will need plenty of towels to keep your dog warm and dry. And to keep your home, car, motorhome or anywhere else you live from the effects of the big wet doggie shakes!

Many dog owners soon switch from using their old dog towels, to a more efficient dog drying towel. We've all collected up our old towels, to find that they really don't absorb much and are pretty much useless. Switching to a modern microfibre pet towel improves the speed at which you can get your dog dry. It also speeds up the rate at which the towel itself dries afterwards too. Win win!

Our dog towels come in different sizes as although a towel can't ever be too big, some toy breeds benefit from a smaller towel. We only sell brands that we have tested on our own dogs and have found that the likes of Walksters, Scruffs and Henry Wag offer incredible value for money with a quality luxury towel at excellent prices.

If you prefer a towel that not only dries but cleans at the same time with a good level of friction in the fabric, then looking at microfibre noodle towels is the solution. Scruffs, amongst others, offer microfibre noodles drying products across their range.

All of the pet towels you will see here are of the highest quality with soft, cosy fabrics to make sure your dog enjoys being toweled down.