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Free UK Delivery With Orders Over £39 Terms & Conditions Apply
Free UK Delivery With Orders Over £39 Terms & Conditions Apply

Scruffs Dog Blankets

Scruffs dog blankets offer different options for your dog, from reversible snuggly blankets to self heating thermal too. Keep your dog toasty warm!

Our Scruffs dog blankets range is here to delight you as the owner (as they look great!) and make your dog warm and snuggly.

Our most popular dog pet blanket is the Scruffs Snuggle Blanket, appropriately named to snuggle your dog with. This reversible blanket offers a plush furry side for colder days and a faux suede fabric side for the warmer ones. Ideal for throwing on top of their dog bed, on the sofa, on the car seat or anywhere your dog wants to lay down. With a choice of colour, this blanket will sure be a favourite of yours too.

If you are looking for something more luxurious, the Kensington pet dog blanket is the one. It's two-tone, reversible fabric has different colour options with home colour schemes in mind. The super-soft, deep-plush fabric will provide the ultimate comfort and snuggly environment for your dog, whilst the eco-suede reverse will offer a cooler alternative for warmer days.

And the Thermal Self Heating blankets continue to be popular for cooler days. Popular amongst the young puppies and the older dogs, these retain your dog's body heat and are the best option for dogs who feel the cold.

As a dog owner you know that you can never have too many blankets, and with the different options from Scruffs at great prices, you can choose the best here.