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How to best dry your dog after a UK dog walk!

How to best dry your dog after a UK dog walk!

Heading off on another muddy wet dog walk? Drying to keep your dog and your home dry? As UK dog owners we know that dog walks mean wet smelly dogs on everytime!

How do you stop your house smelling of wet dog after a dog walk?

In my search to answer this question, I have found fantastic products over the last few months which have changed my kitchen. It has gone from smelly, damp, hairy dog room, into the room I always wanted it to be, a kitchen that my dog just happens to be in some of the time!

These are the things we now use to reduce that wet dog smell and best of all save ME time after a dog walk.

Dog Coat


I never thought I’d put a dog coat on my Labrador. Why would I? They have a waterproof undercoat and we’re good strong northern country dog owners! More fool me! Their undercoat may be waterproof but their top coat certainly isn’t. It soaks up the rain and then takes ages to dry when home. And my goodness it smells!

Waterproof dog coat on Labrador

And now… a blanket (or rug) style dog coat doesn’t affect her in her movement on the walk and she doesn’t seem to mind it either. But it reduces the time it takes to dry her AND she doesn’t smell like she did, as only small parts of her body get wet. Result!

Dog towel


My Labrador is now 13. 12 of those 13 years I spent using old beach towels and old bath towels to dry her down after a walk. Why? Because she wasn’t dirtying my new ones, oh no!

And then I found microfibre dog towels. On first glance they are light and not as thick even as my old beach towel. But they are incredible! It dries her down so easily and pulls the mud off at the same time. And the best thing? It dries itself so quickly and voila… no wet dog and no wet dog towels everywhere also! I have the large size for my Labrador but there is a smaller one for smaller breeds too.

Microfibre fast drying dog towel

So now muddy wet dog walks don’t seem so bad! Almost enjoyable…almost!

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