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How to measure your dog for a dog coat, and a get a good fit!

How to measure your dog for a dog coat, and a get a good fit!

A commonly asked question about dog coats is how do I measure my dog for a coat.

Well after chasing my dog around a few times, falling over trying to wrap the tape measure around their chest and generally just getting covered in dog hair I have now perfected the way to measure! Only joking but be warned your dog might wonder what you are doing! 

The aim of measuring is to ensure you find a dog coat that fits well to make sure your dog is comfortable whilst wearing it with no restricted movement. It also helps save money on returns too as guesses generally don’t work! So get ready for a laugh as you measure, your dog will think it’s a great game!

Your dog's coat should cover their body from his or her neck at the base of the collar to the base of his or her tail. It is okay if the coat is a little short or long within a few centimetres (1 or 2 inches in old money).

Waterproof dog coat fitting well

There are two types of dog coats: jacket style and blanket style. A jacket style coat should cover your dog's chest, shoulders, stomach and thighs. We have this style on our site known as an all in one raincoat and several called parkas.

Dog coat with underbelly covered

The other option, a blanket style coat, does not cover the dog's entire stomach, but rather sits on top of the dog's back and comes down on either side of your dog right around the shoulder. These will be called just a coat and are more popular as any dog will find these comfortable. They are great for dogs that wriggle when putting a coat on as these are generally an easy quick fit with some degree of adjustability.

Blanket rug style dog coat

A well-fitted coat should not restrict your dog’s freedom of movement, cause any rubbing or discomfort. You should be able to run your hand flat along your dog within each jacket opening such as the neck or along each strap/edge area. Coats that are too small will be tight in these areas and cause pinching on your hand and will cause your dog discomfort.

Below is a guide for measure your dog with 3 different measurement. All 3 measurements are needed for jacket/parka/all in one style coats whereby the blanket style dog coats generally only require length and chest measurements. Each coat on TreatYourDog has a size guide that will guide you to the best size.

Dog coat measuring guide

Dog’s length
Measure from the base of the collar to the base of the tail to find length. This measurement will be the most helpful in measuring a dog coat.

Dog’s Chest
Also known as girth, measure the widest part around your dog's chest behind the front legs. Again where a coat fits around the whole chest it is important that this is not too tight as it would rub, or too loose or your dog could get their legs caught.

Dog’s Neck
Measure around the neck, where a collar would normally sit. It is important where the coat is fitted around the neck that it is not too tight. Being too large in the neck area generally isn’t an issue, in fact many dogs like it loose around their necks.

If you need help getting the perfect fit for your dog please contact us either direct from the site on our chat button or via email on Everyone at TreatYourDog is trained to help you get the right!


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