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7 Essential Items for your Dog Walk

7 Essential Items for your Dog Walk

Many essential items are obvious that you need to take on a dog walk, but some are not so obvious but very handy! Anything that makes a dog walk more enjoyable for either you the dog owner or your dog are worth a look right?

As it's National Walking Month during the month of May I wanted to check the essential items we should all carry on a dog walk. It's a great list for all new dog and puppy owners setting off on those first walks too. 


7 Essential items for your Dog Walk


1. Dog Collar & tag

Pretty obvious I hear you say, but you will be amazed how many owners pop a slip lead or harness on without a collar. If that's something you do please remember that your dog should, by law, have it's ID tag fixed to a collar on when away from your property. 

We offer several quick release click on collars so these are easy to take on and off before and after a walk.


2. Dog Lead

Again an obvious one but the type of dog lead you take is important. A short non extending lead is ideal for walking around paths alongside a road. You can maintain good control and your dog cannot move far away from you. 

A longer more flexible and extending lead is ideal if you are walking away from the road as your dog can move around more, allowing them to use their senses

and tire their brain sniffing everywhere they go. Perfect in the park, wooded areas or across fields. Anywhere away from cars and traffic. 

If you are recall training your puppy or dog then a recall lead is a great option too. A great way to allow them freedom and ensure they return to you before going without a lead in safe locations. 


3. Poop Bags

It is a requirement to carry poop bags in case your dog does decide to toilet in a public place. Using either degradable or compostable poop bags is a great way to also do your bit for the environment too. If you're like me you have poop bags in every pocket of every coat or hoodie! 


4. Treats 

Every dog loves a treat! And carrying training treats when on a dog walk allows you to train your dog/puppy if this is a focus, or in more mature dogs reinforce the positive behaviours they display when out and about. A treat bag is a handy way to carry these, no more messy pockets! And your dog is likely to recognise the bag and know when your hand moves to it there is something tasty on it's way! 


5. Dog Whistle or Clicker

Having a clicker or dog whistle with you is handy and essential if your dog has been trained to either. If you are just getting ready to walk with your dog outside for the first time consider either of these for training as it can save your voice and make training a little easier. 


6. Dog Coat 

If you're setting off and already know the weather is wet or cold don't forget a suitable raincoat for your dog or puppy. For some dogs this is essential as their coats offer no water repellency and they end up cold. For others they have limitations in regulating their body so a coat, body warmer or jumper will help. 

For others the dog coat helps you as their dog owner (aka servant!) stop the drying operation at the end of a walk and those wet doggie smells! 

You can read more here around whether your dog needs a dog coat


7. Dog Travel Bowl & Water

When the weather is warmer it is essential you consider your dog's hydration particularly if you are setting off on a longer walk.  Some dogs will need a drink during their walk so a small clip on Dog Travel Bowl is perfect to have along with a bottle of water. 

We have a few to choose from depending on the style you prefer for your dog. 


I hope this list has helped you make sure you have the essentials. There are other optional extras you can take on a dog walk including toys such as frisbees, tugs and balls to chase. If you are going to the beach a floating toy is essential but this wouldn't be the case for a walk in the woods. 

Sometimes remember to go without a toy on your walk so your dog enjoys the sniffing as this offers just as much pleasure for your dog as chasing a toy!






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