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Does your dog need a dog coat?

Does your dog need a dog coat?

Waterproof dog coat? All in one Dog Trouser Suit? Dog parka? Warm raincoat? Underbelly dog coat? Arhh so many coat styles to choose from! 

I can hear you wonder what type you need for your dog. To help in choosing the best type of coat for your dog, we first need to understand our dogs needs. Their age, their activity level and their breed are all really important. But what about your needs? Yes you, the owner! What needs do you have in a coat for your dog?

Here we will explore both your dogs needs in a dog coat but also your needs in a dog coat! Sound crazy? Read on, you might not think so in a minute….

Things to consider when choosing a dog coat

Your Dog’s Needs


The age of your dog does change the needs in a dog coat. If your dog is old or young they are susceptible to the cold and will need help in keeping warm in the cooler weather.

Puppies require a dog coat in the autumn and winter as they are not yet able to regulate body temperature as well as adult dogs.

Older dogs also struggle in their later years to regulate body temperature as well as they did, but also are less active so need support staying warm.


Short haired dog breeds, tiny dogs and slender dogs such as greyhounds all require dog coats or jumpers to keep them warm. They don’t have the layers of fat or fur to keep them warm on their own. They also will feel the cold from the rain more than other breeds.

Small dog breeds need a dog coat for warmth

Longer haired breeds along with dogs with thicker coats don’t need a coat for warmth but do benefit from some form of dog coat to keep them dry. A waterproof padded coat, or simple raincoat work well for these breeds of dogs.

Long haired dog breeds like Golden Retrievers benefit from a waterproof dog coat

And any breed with Poodle within has hair not fur! Hair on dogs absorbs water like a sponge and these dogs require a waterproof dog raincoat as a minimum as they get very cold when the hair absorbs the water. Breeds that benefit from a waterproof dog coat are Cockapoos, Cavapoos, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles and Miniature, Toy and Standard poodles.

Cockapoos and Cavapoos need a dog coat as they have hair not fur

To find out more about which breeds feel the cold read more here 


What does your dog love to do? Jump around in long grass? Or jump into muddy puddles? Then an all in one trouser suit would be a great option. They cover more of their body but allow for freedom of movement. They are generally not padded but highly waterproof, particularly good for long haired breeds who will pick up every bit of mud otherwise!


It’s important you buy a trouser dog raincoat in the right style for your dog, otherwise they could be tripping over. If your dog has very short legs that a standard all in one trouser suit will not work. We now have bulldog trouser suits for shorter leg dog breeds such as French Bulldogs, Pugs, American Bulldogs and similar so they can have the same benefits are their longer legged friends.

Bulldog trouser suit raincoat ideal for pugs and bulldogs

If your dog is less active and just tends to walk calmly next to you then a standard dog coat will be ideal that covers their backs from the rain, but has a covered lead hole in ideally so they stay dry.

Waterproof dog coats with lead holes to keep your dog dry

Your Dog’s dislikes

Some dogs do not enjoy being dried down after a walk. It can make them anxious, nervous or for others it’s a big game and they attack the towel! For these dogs a dog coat can remove the part of the dog walk they do not enjoy.

Things to consider when choosing a dog coat.

You the Dog Owner’s Needs

Reduce your time cleaning & towelling your dog

We all know how long it takes to clean and then dry a dog when they’ve got wet and muddy. There are fantastic microfibre towels now available that make this easier and the towel driers faster!

But it still takes a lot of time when you get back from your dog walk. By wearing a coat you reduce this significantly. A standard dog coat will reduce the cleaning and drying of your dog’s back and some of their underside. Just leaving you with legs and tummy to sort.

Dog coats help reduce drying and cleaning time for dog owners

Dogs wearing an all in one suit or an underbelly dog coat are reduced again in drying time as more of your dogs body is covered so once undone there is just their legs and paws to contend with.

Reduce the drying time for your dog

We have an area that our dogs go when they are still damp after a dog walk in the form of a utility room. The dog beds in that area end up damp however and then they need to dry out! After starting to use a dog coat we have significantly reduced the time that the dogs stay in that area and come back into the main house. And… the dog beds in that area now last a lot longer!

If you let your dogs straight into your home this would be even more beneficial as they would not be damp on your carpets or furniture.

Reduce the wet dog smell!

Eurgh! How bad is the smell of a wet dog?

Yep we’ve all been there with a day after day of wet walks and our home turns into ‘Eau de smelly wet dog’! Imagine if you could change that? You can!

This is probably one of the massive benefits of a dog coat for you the dog owner. It really does make a difference as it is only legs and tummies that are damp – a lot less body area to smell and pass into your home. If you like the smell then this isn’t going to bother you… but I bet you don’t like it!


Find the correct dog coat 


There are many benefits to a dog wearing a dog coat. Which one resonates with you? Finding the correct dog coat is important both for you and for your dog. If you would like to know more about finding the correct size dog coat for your best friend read more here 

Hopefully this information has helped and you know which type of dog coat would make a difference.

But if you are still unsure please get in touch with us and we will happily advise. Everyone that works at TreatYourDog has at least one dog and we all know the reason our dogs wear a dog coat and enjoy the benefits!

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