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Would you Train your Baby like a Dog?

Would you Train your Baby like a Dog?

Did you watch Channel 4's programme Train Your Baby Like A Dog last night? 

What did you think?

For those that missed it I'll provide a short synopsis.

Take one mum. Jo-Rosie Haffenden. A dog trainer by day. Mother of a little boy. She decides to train her son using the same methods she uses for dogs....

Yep, clicker training, Yep, treats.  Her methods are based on 'not telling your kids what not to do', but motivating and helping them understand what 'to do' instead. 

So it sounds okay in principle? It's worth a watch on catch up if you missed it as it was interesting. 

She's turned all "Super Nanny" and has taken these principles to other parents struggling with their children. Tantrums, sleep issues... she uses the dog training principles on them all! 

Before this pilot episode aired there were calls for it to be cancelled. Petitions with thousands of signatures. Every newspaper had some group calling for it to be blocked. So lots of people watched it. Waiting to criticise, wanting to find fault. 

But you know what? It worked. I'm no expert but I have had a child of my own. Lots of the theories were great and Jo-Rosie's style I thought was really good. You can choose to use a clicker or not (works with dogs though!) but agreed with the theory as praise for doing something right will always win in my book rather than telling off for the wrong behaviour.

All in all it was great TV and I am sure some parents could learn a thing or two! I also am now following Jo-Rosie Haffeden on Facebook as her dogs were so well trained! Did you see them doing tasks around the home like closing drawers and getting the TV control? The dogs were enjoying it too. 

I'm now thinking we should start promoting the Snuggle Puppy for really might just work as a baby comforter. What do you think? Would it take off? Might need to stick with anxious dogs and young puppies!

Now can we use techniques we use with our babies on our dogs? Feed them when they scream? Put a nappy on until they are housetrained? Hmmm might need to stick to dog training techniques! 


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