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Do you know if your dog treats contain natural ingredients?

Do you know if your dog treats contain natural ingredients?

Do you want to give healthy treats to your dog? I do! So hence why I’m so excited to share the natural dog treats that have launched on our site this week. I have been working through all the hundreds of suppliers of dog treats over these past months and finally have settled on what we believe are the best for our dogs.

So many treats are baffling as to what they contain but along my journey I have learnt so much! And my promise to all TreatYourDog doggies is that you only have the best. But that doesn’t mean they cost the earth.

The first is Yorkshire based Innocent Hound. Our test doggies have loved these! They are small, with lots in the pack so great value (a Yorkshire thing?) But so meaty and the dogs can smell them when I have them in my pocket so great for walks and training. All meat is Red Tractor Assured, the Venison is from the UK and they are handmade, I’ve seen them make them.

Natural Dog Treats from Innocent Hound
Raw feeding? No problem they are airdried to retain the nutrients and flavour so suitable for your dog if it’s on a raw diet.

Grain free all the way! And in the meaty ones at least 80% of the treat is the meat which is one of the highest meaty content we found!

The second I couldn’t wait to share is the meaty sticks. These can either make a large treat or can be broken up as smaller treats. The flavours here make me hungry never mind the dogs! Chicken & carrot, Meat with Green Tea, Chicken with Cheese…. Are you hungry yet?

Natural Dog Treats with Green Tea

To see how my in house Lab tester reacted to the tasting please pop over and join us on Facebook. The video says it all!

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