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Which dog lead would have helped Fenton's owner?

Which dog lead would have helped Fenton's owner?

I'm betting you've shouted your dog's name a few times too.... remember Fenton in Richmond Park? It's worth another watch if you haven't seen it recently.

Walking your dog off the lead isn’t always possible is it? There can be too many distractions tempting your dog “come over here”. Too many people around, cows (or deer) in the field or birds to chase!

Let them believe they have a little freedom...

If you’d like to allow your dog more freedom a retractable lead is the perfect solution. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at different brands to see which is the best. I had always used Flexi in the past (apart from once and that lead only lasted 3 weeks!) so I knew what I thought was the best.

And do you know what? Flexi is the best option for a retractable lead! You really cannot beat it!

There are several different types of Flexi however and we have come down to the fact that the Flexi Vario offers the best of the best.

Flexi Vario Rectractable dog lead from Treat Your Dog

There are different lengths depending on what you need. I have an 8 metre one for my Lab Pepper who in her old age has gone deaf. She didn’t walk much on a lead for years. But if she’s off I am now heard screaming her name “Pepper!" But there’s not even a glimmer and everyone thinks my dog has no recall WHAT SO EVER! So 8 metres gives her lots to space but I only have to tug a little and she knows to return.

Flexi Vario Lead and accessories

On the other hand we have had a pup staying with us recently and a 3 metre one was enough for her to practice recall with us (she loved the treats but that is another story!).

However for some dogs retractable isn’t a good solution as they pull too hard. If this is the case a strong short lead is best. There are many different types including fabric and leather and the choice then is down to taste.

Kiwi Walker Strong Dog Lead in Small, Medium & Large at Treat Your Dog

And finally the lead chewer! You know the one who won’t stop grabbing at the lead as they walk. Well we even have a solution for that! And it’s painless for you AND your dog. The infamous Anti Bite Leash. This provides various options on how to use but it tastes of chilli! Yak says your dog and da dah they stop biting!

What’s your chosen lead?

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