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How to stop your puppy dog crying! A dog crying solution by Snuggle Puppy

How to stop your puppy dog crying! A dog crying solution by Snuggle Puppy

When you decide to adopt a puppy dog you find the breeder and fall in love with a bundle of fluff! What many don’t consider is whether your puppy will cry once it has left it’s birth family.

Here’s the situation. You’ve picked up your pup, they’re snuggled in your lap for the car ride home and you are in puppy heaven!

A few days later and things are more like puppy hell! Your dog hadn’t taken to being in your home in the way you had hoped. Ear-shattering noises come from your little bundle of fluff that range from a howl, a yowl a cry and a bark. Every type of noise imaginable is coming from this cute puppy! You’re tired after endless sleepless nights.

Well there is a solution in the shape of a Snuggle Puppy. Your puppy dog’s (and your!) new best friend. This behavioural aid with a real feel heartbeat and heat packs allows your puppy to feel reassured they are not alone at night and best of all offers you peace of mind and a way to get some sleep!

Once you have the Snuggle Puppy you place the red heart inside and switch it on. Ba bump Ba bump Ba bump. A real life dogs heartbeat can be heard if the crying has stopped and it is ready after adding in the heatpack to give to your puppy.

One customer told us “it seemed to do the trick. Within 2 nights our dog was crying less and less and after 4 she wasn’t making any noise at all. Blissful silence. Worth every penny!” The Snuggle Puppy’s impact on many families has been overwhelmingly positive.

If your Puppy or Dog is struggling to stop crying help them with a Snuggle Puppy.

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