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Free UK Delivery With Orders Over £39 Terms & Conditions Apply
Choosing a coat for your dog

Choosing a coat for your dog

  1. Measuring

For an accurate measurement, ensure your dog is standing straight with their head up. A Sitting/laying dog or holding your dog will result in an incorrect back measurement.

The nape of the neck is where the shoulder blades start. With your dog standing straight, run your fingers down the back of their neck until you feel where the shoulder blades start-this is the nape of the neck.

Measure from this point to where your dogs tail joins their body. Ensure their posture is maintained while you are measuring.

Note down on a piece of paper or your phone the measure for each part of your dogs body. Each coat design varies so you will need to check if you have already bought a coat before.

If your dog measures between two sizes, we recommend you choose the larger of the two, except with the All Seasons Waterproof dog coat that is better sized down.

  1. Style

We offer a range of coats... you will need to think about whether you are looking for


  • A hole to feed the lead to to fasten to collar
  • Fastens around the front of the body and around the chest with velcro
  • Pleat at tail end to reduce slipping
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Padding for warmth


  • Triple layer construction with a waterproof outer, fibre filling and polar fleece lining. All designed for extra warmth
  • Full underbelly coverage to reduce the wet and mud on your dog's chest and tummy
  • Lightweight with a zip fastener at an angle along the back
  • Reflective strip on both sides allowing you to see your dog in the dark


  • Longer coated breeds will especially benefit from a dog coat with legs and chest coverage, as it keeps those hard to dry areas snug and dry. Ideal for keeping show dogs clean prior to appearing in the ring
  • Adjustable belt waist ensures a secure and comfortable fit
  • Elastic leg strips

Under Belly Cover

  • Reflective stripes to ensure your dog can be seen in the dark
  • Reflective stripes to ensure your dog can be seen in the dark
  • Magic stick fastener , making it easy to pop on your dog
  • Covers the chest and underbelly
  1. Size

A dog’s ability to tolerate cold will depend on their breed, age and condition. In a relatively mild climate like the UK, a fit and healthy dog with reasonably thick fur will generally be fine outside even in the colder months, provided they stay active. But some dogs do benefit from a dog coat in winter, especially short haired dog breeds.

  1. Breed

Dogs with thin fur like whippets or dogs with coats that tend to soak up water like spaniels & cockapoos, and dogs whose shorter legs like Dachshunds & Corgis could well benefit from wearing a coat to help them cope with colder conditions.

Very young dogs, elderly dogs, dogs that are underweight and dogs that are unwell or have a weakened immune system could also benefit from a coat in cold or wet weather

  1. Activity

If your dog is very active, a coat could reduce the amount of washing and drying of your dog you need to do.

For dogs that are less active, on cold and darker nights, a warm fleece lined coat and reflective panels could make your walks safer and more enjoyable.

  1. Washable

When buying a coat for your dog, you want one that offers good quality, comfort and will last.

All Walksters Coats are MACHINE WASHABLE and will survive multiple seasons to come.

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