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Free UK Delivery With Orders Over £39 Terms & Conditions Apply
Dog fleece jumpers to keep your dog warm

Dog fleece jumpers to keep your dog warm

If you're feeling the cold you can bet your dog is feeling it too. Some breeds, more than others, feel the cold and many will need some support to keep them warm. Puppies and elderly dogs particularly need some support.

What does your dog need to keep warm?

There's a few things you can do from making sure their bed isn't in a drafty area of your house, to getting them dry as soon as possible after a wet walk. Everything you do will make them warmer and more importantly keep their body in great condition.

A dog coat, fleece or jumper can make a big difference in this weather and is often all a dog needs to have that extra warm layer when going outdoors. To understand the dogs that feel the cold the most read our earlier article that discusses this.

Th benefits of getting your dog a fleece

Our fleeces are a popular way to keep your dog warm. They are ideal for coverage against the wind and rain, and for wrapping up warm at night. Your dog will be so dry and cosy he won’t want to take it off.

The sleeves ensure a comfortable and even fit, insulating the joints without any tension across the shoulders or twisting round, and there are no zips or buckles to lie on or to get in the way of a harness.

If your dog is already wet, the Fleece Dog Jumper is the ideal drying tool, wicking the wet away from the dog’s coat to the outside of the jumper, without him having to sit in a damp towel. If you have a working dog who is cold and wet after being busy, this is the perfect dog garment to restore core body temperature and dry off quickly.

In summary this is why a dog fleece jumper is a popular choice:

  • A soft warm layer of fleece
  • A water repellent coating
  • Keeps your dog warm
  • Keeps your dog dry in damp murky weather
  • Underbelly coverage from mud
  • Can dry your dog quickly when wet and cold
  • No buckles, zips or fasteners to lie on
  • Ideal under a harness

So my dog can go out in the rain with their fleece on?

Well if you want them to…. and with our fleeces it’s no problem! The fleeces are water repellent and will act as armour rather than soaking in the water, and dry quickly afterwards too.

How do I get the dog fleece on?

For most dogs they are happy popping the fleece over their heads and then feeding the legs in. They are a fitted style and are not elastic so make sure you’ve followed our size guide and chosen the right size for your dog.

Dogs that are stiff or angular may prefer to pop their legs in and then if you get them to bend their heads you can pop it over their head. Alternatively apply gentle pressure for their head to drop and pop it on (if they’re stubborn and won’t drop their head for you!)

Once their head and front legs are you just pull the fleece down their body just like you would do with your own jumper.

How do I take the dog fleece off?

To remove the dog fleece gather the fleece behind their front legs and then pop it back over their heads. Your dog is likely to move backwards and remove the fleece for you and step out of the legs.

Can I wash and tumble dry the fleece?

Yes is the simple answer! The fleeces wash well and are quick drying so in our house we pop them to line dry. However if you want to tumble them you can on a low heat, but they don’t take long so keep an eye on them.

See here our collection of fleeces and if you'd like any further information or help with choosing their best size please get in touch

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