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Helping your puppy dog sleep at night

Helping your puppy dog sleep at night

We’ve (nearly) all been there with a new puppy… sleepless nights, not settling when you go out. Previously it was accepted that you’d have no sleep for the first few nights….or weeks, but now there are ways to help change that.

The Snuggle Puppy….

With it’s real feel heartbeat, warmth and cosy furry body, the Snuggle Puppy mimics your puppy’s litter mates or mother, and allows your pup to cuddle up with another “dog” and feel safe, secure and most importantly not alone.

Does the Snuggle Puppy work?

We get asked regularly does it work, and as much as I can share our own personal experience, there are now so many puppy owners that have bought their puppy one, their experiences are more varied with different breeds.

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A couple of my favourite reviews are:

New puppy
Such a great buy. 8 week old puppy settled so well with this. Full nights sleep for 3 whole nights!


Puppies best friend
Excellent comforter for my new puppy arriving in January. Purchased one for my daughters puppy, 3 years ago, she still snuggles with it every night.

How to help your puppy sleep at night using the Snuggle Puppy

How you introduce your puppy to the Snuggle Puppy depends on their age, but the most important thing with any age is making sure they see it as a friend and not a toy. Introduced incorrectly as a toy and you’ve just bought an expensive toy!

If your Puppy is coming home for the first time:

This is the easiest time to introduce a Snuggle Puppy. A great hint is to take the Snuggle Puppy to your breeder a couple of weeks before you collect your puppy and tell them to put the snuggle puppy in with the litter. When you collect your new arrival, the Snuggle Puppy will also have the scent of your puppy's litter mates on it and make settling in even better.

Then pop the Snuggle Puppy in their bed/crate with the heartbeat on and heatpack inside, or wherever you want them to settle when you go out/ go to bed, and when they go there they should soon snuggle up.

If your Puppy has been at home for a few days/weeks and they are getting anxious or disturbed when left:

Follow the same instructions above and place the Snuggle Puppy in their bed or crate (with heartbeat on and heatpack inside) when they are not in their bed, and then introduce them to their bed/crate. Watch at a safe distance to see how they react so you can ensure they do not see it as another toy. Once they snuggle up with it you should be able to leave them and get some sleep!

If you find your pet chewing on the snuggle puppy or playing with it as a toy, simply remove it for an hour or so, set it out of reach, and then re-introduce it to your dog again. You will find they will make the distinction and bond quickly.

Here’s a review from someone who introduced their pup to a Snuggle Puppy at 10 weeks old after they were not sleeping… they are a much happier owner now!

Perfect size, fairly easy to wash and heartbeat is great. It helps our puppy with his loneliness at night and helps with his separation anxiety during the day. Definitely recommended.

Not only does this help you get more sleep, your puppy will also be more settled as a whole and a much happier pup!

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