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Helping your dog be visible in the dark

Helping your dog be visible in the dark

Nothing peaks the anxiety levels on the dog walk like the moment they wander out of your sight.  Arhh! Where are they??

This can be a common occurrence as the clocks change and over the winter months. 


As the days are short and the light evenings are months away, walking your dogs can be challenging. This is particularly true if your dog is dark in colour, black dogs and chocolate coats are the most difficult. But you add simple items into your dog's wardrobe and make a difference.
Keep your best friend safe, secure, and seen in the dark with our collection of light up dog collars, light up leads, and other reflective and high vis walking accessories.

Treat Your Dog’s Top Picks to Keeping your dog seen in the dark


Your dog will be the talk of the local park with this stylish Lily & Jake light up dog collar. Simply clip around their neck and your dog will be illuminated for all to see. Helping to keep your dog safe, these super bright rechargeable LED collars have reflective stitching and 3 light modes: On, slow Flash, fast flash – your dog will not be missed. And if they go for a cold dip in the stream you’ll be happy to know they’re also waterproof!


As the temperature drops with the dark a reflective coat is the perfect accessory to keep your dog both warm and visible. Our Reflective Dog Coats are also water resistant so the rain showers won’t bother your dog. They features a coloured design with integrated hi-visibility strip on either side meaning you’ll not lose your dog in the dark either. Currently available in red, blue or yellow with thermal fleece inside.

Additional we have this new Kudos Reflective Coat where the grey fabric looks matt by daylight and the whole area lights up at night so your dog will be very visible under car headlights or street lights. 


A matching lead to our light up collar, this Lily & Jake light up lead allows you to add to the lights within a collar, or just use a light up lead if you prefer this to a collar. It has a rechargeable USB port battery, and is waterproof. It features 3 light settings so you can choose to have it on all the time or flashing. You and your dog will be seen with this light up lead on.


If your dog is renowned for pulling on a lead, this Harness is the perfect tool for them. It will distribute pressure evenly their chest as to not restrict their breathing. And, of course, it features reflective stitching for higher visibility. Ensure it fits well and this prevents your dog getting lost on dark walks. 


Enjoy your dog walks in the dark knowing your dog can be seen with these helpful dog accessories.

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