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Looking for a Dog Coat that covers your dog’s underbelly?

Looking for a Dog Coat that covers your dog’s underbelly?

When looking for a dog coat many people will contact us and ask similar questions. And one that keeps recurring is this….


Do you have any dog coats that cover their underbelly?


I think it’s the weather this year that’s made lots of us look for a dog coat that covers their underbelly. Regardless of whether it’s actually raining or not, the ground has been wet for so long your dog’s underbelly gets so filthy!


And yes a coat with an underbelly cover does make things a lot easier for you AND your dog, especially at the end of the walk.

If you are rushing to get to work after the early morning walk, or you struggle to bend down and clean up their tummy, then a coat with this coverage does make a massive difference.


Here we list the coats that cover the underbelly in dogs

 1. Thermal Self Heating Coat with Underbelly Cover

This does exactly what it says on the tin! This cleverly designed dog coat has a reflective lining to keep your dog toasty warm whilst wearing the coat. Perfect on wet muddy dog walks, this covers the back and has a panel underneath that covers the chest and underbelly, allowing the space at the rear for toileting. 

The result? A chest and half tummy covered and designed to fit most shapes and sizes of dogs.

Mo the Cockapoo (above) wears this for wet and cold walks as his coat soaks up mud and water like a sponge. And he loves it! I love it too as it’s thermal so I know it keeps him nice and warm too. Perfect for the autumn and winter, but not advisable as a coat for the summer months.

Scruffs Thermal Self Heating Coat in Navy

2. All in One Raincoats for dogs

These all in one trouser suit raincoats cover the underbelly along with the top area of all four legs. As a raincoat it protects as much of the dog’s body that is possible, but still allows full movement and toileting! These coats are best for any standard sized dog breed, those that are particularly slim or wide may find these don’t fit well. It’s important to check all 3 measurements (neck, chest and back length) for this coat to get a great fit.

These coats popper up under the underbelly and also have adjustable toggles on the back legs to adjust the leg length.

Many people with dogs with shorter legs simply roll the legs up to fit, as can be seen on this picture here of Dougal.

If you have a bulldog , pug or similar breed we do offer a wider shaped coat with shorter legs to help get a better fit.

3. Fleece Lined Waterproof Raincoat 

This raincoat offers a different solution to covering the underbelly in dogs as it fully wraps around their body, covering the underbelly brilliantly. Designed specifically for medium and large breeds, it is easy to get on with a step in design and full length zip along the back of the coat. Along with a harness hole in the back and reflective strips, this coats offers so much as well as keeping your dog's underbelly clean and dry.


4. Parkas for dogs

This parka style of dog coat offers underbelly cover and is perfect for small and tiny breeds of dogs. The poppers do up underneath their tummy and we have this style in different colours and designs. They are a padded coat so perfect for cooler spring and autumn days and a must for the winter.

As many small dog breeds are closer to the ground underbelly coverage is helpful not only from staying clean but also staying warmer.


5. Puffer jackets for dogs (bodywarmers)

Often called body warmers, this style of coat has a full underbelly cover as they cover the tummy before doing up along the back with a zipper. A great coat to keep underneath your dog clean and warm, as well as the prefect winter warmer coat.

Available in sizes for small/medium dogs through to the larger breeds, these coats are another great solution for covering the dogs underbelly.

Freddie shows us how it keeps his belly dry on walks allowing him full movement whilst doing this.

6. Water resistant fleece jumpers for dogs

A slightly different option to cover your dog’s underbelly is to pop your dog into one of these fab fleece jumpers. They are great for a cold day, and offer a small amount of water resistance for showery days. Perfect for when it is wet and muddy under foot, these wash and dry with ease. These dog fleeces cover the top of the front legs and the underbelly, again stopping to allow toileting.

These fleeces are designed to fit close to the body to ensure freedom of movement and so they are not tripping over the tummy section. We've added a zip to make getting them on and off easier.  Best for dogs that are used to wearing a coat or dog clothing.

 7. Waterproof Dog Coats

Our All Seasons Waterproof dog coats don't fully cover your dog's underbelly but they do cover some and come lower down the sides than many. These are ideal for heavy rain and also for those dogs who don't like to pass coats over their heads. They also work well when your dog doesn't fit the typical measurements for a coat with legs. 

Available in 8 different colours and 12 different sizes, I am sure you'd find one of these coats useful whatever the season!


Wow! On writing this it’s clear we have lots of options to cover your dog’s tummy when out walking and something for every season too.

If you’d like help selecting the best underbelly dog coat option or in choosing a size from your measurements, then please get in touch


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