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Who would buy a dog coat with legs?

Who would buy a dog coat with legs?

Who would buy a dog coat with legs. Me... and this is why...

We’ve had so much rain recently you would think I’d be getting used to it by now.
It’s not just the rain itself but the extra work it causes with all the wet clothes wet car wet dogs wet towels...the list goes on.

wet muddy dog walks

I don’t know about you but I spend my walks trying to avoid the mud and puddles and the dogs spend theirs trying to be in the mud and the puddles. Oh the joy of tackling wet muddy dogs I’m sure we all look at each other’s dogs secretly thinking “I’m glad I don’t have to clean up that one”. But then there are those happy smiling walkers their dogs bouncing around in their raincoats with legs... job done (or at least made easier).

When it comes to choosing the right way to keep our dogs clean and dry we have to think about their own characters and recognise that each dog is individual and different when it comes to what they will let you put on... this is why we have different styles .

I remember the reaction of Pepper one of our Labradors when we put a coat on for the first time and it was to stand perfectly rigid with a look that said “what on earth is going on?“ She soon got used to wearing the rain coat and now knows what’s coming when it appears. A good splashy walk in the rain including as many puddles as possible!

Our waterproof dog raincoat in grey is great for owners of long coated breeds it’s waterproof windproof and great for keeping your dog clean covering the chest and front legs. So simple to put on too. This is an ideal rain coat for dogs that don’t like their back legs or bottom interfered with and those with a shape that wouldn’t fit into a trouser suit.

Alternatively the waterproof trousers suit dog raincoats in purple/black and red/black and your dog will look the bees knees in either. A fabulous way to keep those hard to dry areas snug and dry. Depending on whether your dog has shorter legs you may have to roll the trouser suit legs up or with longer legs they might come to the knees or so.


Another great option for your walking buddy is the water resistant dog fleece in three great colours red blue and green. Providing great freedom of movement whilst wicking away moisture they are really comfortable and warm.

Which ever you feel is right for  your dog one things for sure and that is they make life easier for you on these seemingly endless rainy days as your dog splashes around to its hearts content ... If you need a hand choosing the best coat for your dog please message us from here (bottom right) or email us at


happy walking...

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