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Free UK Delivery With Orders Over £39 Terms & Conditions Apply

Life jackets for dogs

Our dog life jackets are the essential buoyancy aid to allow your dog to float and safely join you on a waterborne adventure this year and beyond. Our new Walksters dog buoyancy jacket offers small to large dogs the safety needed
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    Dog Life Jacket by Walksters

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    High performance life jacket for dogs to keep your dog safe on the water! A must for boating, watersports and other outdoor activities with your do...

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    from Original Price £24.99
    from £12.99
    Save 48%

Dog life jackets are an essential item for your dog when you are planning time in water. Even the most confident of doggie swimmers can tire in the water.

Ideal for allowing your dog to join in all outdoor water based activities with our range of premium float coats. All of our buoyancy coats are made with high quality fabrics along with optimal safety features.

If you regularly spend time by the water or enjoy boating then a life-jacket for your dog is a must. Many dogs like to swim and can do so without a jacket, but if you’re spending extended time near the water a life jacket gives peace of mind. In situations where your dog might get tired in the water or falls in by accident, the float coat will help keep them above water. A super practical accessory for any water-loving dog!

A life jacket is also an essential item when taking your dog for hydrotherapy treatment. They are used as a safety aid in hydrotherapy – where your dog is exercised in water as a recovery aid after injury or surgery. Even though hydrotherapy sessions are closely supervised for the dog's safety and well-being, they still benefit from the extra buoyancy that the life jackets provide.

By having your own life jacket you can ensure that it is the perfect fit and are not wasting valuable water time but changing one at the centre.

How to fit a dog life jacket

You can read more on our blog, How to choose the Best Dog Life Jacket size for your dog

In essence the 2 important things to check are the weight each size supports and the chest measurement. It really doesn't matter how long or short the life jacket is on your dog, but a secure chest fitting and the buoyancy floats to carry your dog's weight are critical.