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How to choose the best life jacket size for your dog

How to choose the best life jacket size for your dog

It’s heading to spring!  And that means it’s time to take your dog outside for some water adventures. If you’re planning on hitting the beach, boating, or visiting a pool with your pup, it’s important to get your best friend a dog life jacket for safety. 

Our Walksters dog life jacket, from our Life Jacket collection, comes in a variety of sizes, from small to extra large, and offer high visibility with bright colours. The best dog life vests are also adjustable and designed to be comfortable for your pup to wear, and we designed our life jacket with this in mind. We have also ensured a rubberised grab handles on the top of our doggie flotation devices, making any rescues easy.

How to choose the right size for your dog

Are you wondering, what’s the right size life jacket for my dog? Measuring the girth of your dog will most accurately help you choose the right size dog life jacket. Grab a tape measure and take a look at the product sizing chart to see what size your pup should wear for the most secure fit.

A note about sizing: all pups are unique and special, especially yours. Sizing may differ from dog to dog. Make sure to take any other adorably unique traits (large shoulders, long torso, deep chest, etc.) into consideration.

Since dogs come in various sizes and body shapes from beefy bulldogs to slender whippets, please select the best dog life jacket size after taking the girth measurement or the widest part of your dog’s rib cage. Make sure to take any other unique traits (large shoulders, long torso, etc.) into consideration.

Still having troubles with the fit? Please contact us, we love to help.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Fitting the Walksters Dog Life Jacket

Make sure you’re doing it safely with a proper-fitting dog life vest made of durable ripstop material and reflective strips.

Before you get your paws aboard a boat, read on for a step-by-step guide on how to best fit our Walksters dog life jacket to your dog for safe, buoyant fun!

Step 1: Putting It on

Un-Velcro all tabs and unbuckle buckles to fully extend all adjustable straps.

With your dog standing, centre the life jacket on your dog’s back. The jacket should sit close to the base of your dog’s neck.

Step 2: Fasten Chest Strap 

Wrap neck closure around your dog’s neck, keeping the chin front float free. 
Secure the fastening with both Velcro and buckle. We added both for extra security. 

Step 3: Fasten Underbelly Straps

Wrap the belly bands and secure fastening with Velcro and buckles, again we've added both for extra safety. 

Step 4: Tighten and Secure Straps

With your dog standing, keep the life jacket centred on your dog’s back and belly and tighten all straps to a secure fit. A secure fit should allow you to slip two fingers between your dog and the jacket.

Tuck away and secure the strap ends.

You’re ready for floatation fun while keeping your dog safe. All straps and quick-release buckles are now fitted and will stay in place for easy on and off for your next adventure.

About the Walksters dog life jacket

The Walksters Dog Life Jacket is a high-performance dog flotation device for boating and water sport adventures with dogs. It comes in sizes small to extra large for optimal buoyancy and is designed to keep your dog safe while allowing them to enjoy the water.

It has a top grab handle providing an easy method of retrieving your dog if an emergency arises, while the front float support, foam panels, and adjustable straps keep your dog secure both in and out of water. The bright colour helps you spot your dog in the water if they stray too far.

Safety First

Remember to always supervise your pet when swimming and make sure their life jacket is secured. Veterinarians recommend they are adjusted for a snug fit, but not so snug that your pup chafes or can’t move around freely.

If you're still unsure as to whether your canine friend needs a buoyancy aid, have a read Do dogs really need a life jacket

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