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Do dogs really need life jackets?

Do dogs really need life jackets?

If you are a dog owner or thinking about being a dog owner soon, you have probably googled a range of on trend items that your dog may or may not need. Some may seem like core necessities and some may seem wildly ridiculous - but with most dog related products, there are a few factors to consider. It depends on the breed of dog you own, what you spend your time doing with your best friend and most of all, what are you comfortable with as a dog owner. 

And my guess is that you may have heard from someone that you now need to get a life jacket for your dog, and like me, your first reaction may well have been “Aren’t all dogs able to swim?”

Well the truth is no, not ALL dogs are good swimmers! And even if they are good swimmers, it doesn't mean they don’t need a life jacket. 

Ultimately you want to keep your dog afloat and their head above water. Wearing a life jacket will help their swimming ability, especially for older dogs even if that dog knows how to swim. 

There are a range of reasons why you may want to consider a life jacket for your dog.

  1. Safety: It’s 2022 and post global pandemic so safety has never been more important and we all want our dog to be safe. Owning a life jacket means your dog is safe in the different water environments, ranging from a rip tide at the beach to unknown debris under a murky river. 

  2. Visibility: The weather can turn very quickly in the UK or your dog may be swimming with you during an early morning sunrise or late in the evening when daylight seems to end very abruptly. Having a life jacket means your dog is more visible at all times and in all weathers.

  3. Warmth: We are now into mid February and it feels like we have had back to back storms for weeks. These changing weather conditions can bring a huge range of temperatures and a dog life jacket can help your dog’s body temperature remain at the correct level whilst enjoying a paddle.

  4. Fatigue: I’m sure we have all been swimming and at some point gone back to shore due to tiredness, but with dogs they won’t be able to tell you that or make that decision for themselves and as owner's me may not know they are tiring. Some dogs are not always cut out for swimming and some my tire a lot more quickly than others. Life jackets for dog gives you that peace of mind in case your dog is struggling with fatigue or is not the best swimmer.

  5. Fashion: We all like to spoil our pets from time to time and a life jacket’s main purpose is to keep your dog safe, warm and visible - but it doesn't mean the have to look like the rest. You can find a range of styles and designs to suit you and your dogs taste!

  6. Cost: For the purpose they serve, these life jackets are available at a reasonably low cost. Prices range from £18-£30, but more can be spent if you feel the desire. But if you weigh up the safety of your dog they are certainly not an over priced item.

  7. Get out there!: I think the one thing everyone in the world has taken from Covid 19 is enjoy life whilst you can and more and more of us are itching to get back out there and do more stuff. Having a dog life jacket opens up so many more options for you as pet owners from boating holidays, lazy beach days, kayaking, wild swimming and so much more. It gives you the option to take your dog away with you and avoid the hefty cost of dog sitting services.

I hope you and your furry friend are looking forward to an active but safe summer together! Read our blog to find the best size of life jacket for your dog 

If you're looking to buy a life jacket for your dog, see our collection. 

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