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Dog towel robes the easy way to dry your doggie

Dog towel robes: The easiest way to dry your dog

We all know how much dogs love to jump into puddles, rivers, lakes. In fact any bit of water! And guaranteed the best are  the muddiest ones they can find. But you can't stop them, it's the fun dogs need in their lives. 

And whilst this is fun for them during your walk, it can be a problem for your car, or walls and flooring, not to mention the furniture when you get home.

The quicker you can get them dry and free of mud, the better. And without you battling the wriggle. And this is where the dog towel robes come in. 

Dog drying coat by Walksters exclusive to Treat Your Dog

Dog towel robes

Dog towel robes, often called dressing gowns or drying coats, are a practical way of containing the moisture and mud picked up on a dog walk. And resulting in zero stress for you and your dog!

Post bath time or wet walks can be stressful if your dog doesn't enjoy being towelled down. With a dog drying coat, you can pop it on and leave them until they are dry. Voila. 

They’re easy to put on, protect surrounding furniture or walls and are especially great for dogs with easily matted fur or irritated skin. They prevent your dog getting cold but allow them to wonder around or lay in their bed without you worrying. You'll also minimise the horrible damp smell that typically occurs.

Do you enjoy visiting the beach with your dog? A post beach walk where your dog has been leaping in the sea means the sand is likely to have stuck to their coat too. Popping a dog drying robe on them after being in the sea on colder days will prevent them becoming cold. On warmer days, they will allow them to dry off quickly AND hold the sand from going all over your car on the way home. 

Dogs that attend hydrotherapy will benefit from a dog drying coat also. These prevent your dog feeling the cold when they get out of the water, preventing stiffness. As many dogs attend hydrotherapy to aid conditions for joints, getting cold is something they need to avoid. Pop a robe on as they leave the water and they can be dry by the time you get home. 


The Best Dog Drying Robes

Over the years we've tested different dog drying coats and now stock 2 brands. These offer the best options at an affordable price, offering great value.

Dog towel robe popped on after a wet and muddy walk

Our Walksters dog drying coat is our own design, developed with experienced manufacturers that know all there is to know about dog towel robes. The size options are vast as we know all dogs from the toy breeds to the giant ones can enjoy the benefits of a drying coat. The Velcro reaches all the way to the spine, allowing a wide range of chest sizes to fit these well. And the toggle at the neck allows you to pull this in around their neck and face to speed up the drying process. These drying robes are one of the only ones to feature a toggle along the back, allowing the coat to be shortened to fit your dog better. 


Henry Wag dog drying robe

The other is the Henry Wag dog robe, known for their exceptional value and gorgeous soft microfibre fabric used in all their drying products. These microfibre coats suit smaller to medium breeds best, and have a long neck area to dry the head well. Again these feature a large Velcro area to allow different chest sizes, but do watch that the neck area isn't too tight if your dog is wide chested. 


If you're unsure of whether you and your dog would benefit from a dog towel robe, we've shared a few customer comments below to help. 

"Great product
Really easy to put on my Labrador, great absorbency. I posted it on a dog site and got 350 likes numerous requests to ask where I got it from "

"Snug & Warm
The fit is just right, dries our Spaniel nicely and quickly...….therefore the car or house doesn't have the wet dog odour .."

"Dry dog
Really good product, I leave it on for around half an hour then my dog is basically dry"

"Brill drying coats
I bought them to stop the shake n spray inside after getting hosed down after a muddy walk. Very successful and they both like wearing it! Keeps them snuggly till dry"


See our full range of dog towel robes and make life easier as a dog owner. 



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