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Free UK Delivery With Orders Over £39 Terms & Conditions Apply

Puppy Blankets

Our range of puppy blankets includes  luxury and reversible puppy blankets made from plush fabrics, some backed with Sherpa fleece. With a variety of sizes you can ensure you have the blankets you need with your new pup.

Puppy blankets are an essential product for any new puppy parent. And you can never have too many. Your new puppy may be quite nervous when you first pick them up, and giving them a blanket will offer them warmth, comfort and a feeling of security.

Blankets have many uses with a new puppy, from padding their bed or crate, using it in the car and popping on the sofa to protect your furniture from sharp claws.

You can use your puppy comfort blanket in their travel crate when you first bring them home and then put it in their puppy crate to create a cosy space for them at home.

Training a pup to lay on a blanket is handy for many situations you will come across in your dog's life. The Scruffs Snuggle Blanket is ideal for this with it's reversible fabric sides. This also works well in different weathers, the plush side for colder days and the suedette fabric on warmer days.

Many blankets offer different colours and this allows you to coordinate within your home and make it feel like it's meant to be there.

Sherpa fleece and thermal self heating blankets are perfect in ensuring your new pup is always warm, helping them drift off to sleep after a lively playtime.