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Weepet: The Relaunch


Our newly launched website has been turning heads from all over and the reason for this is that there is no other website like ours.  Many people wonder what we are all about, and this article will tell you the most basic things that you need to know about our website.

In a nutshell
Our site is all about dogs. After purchasing our own puppy, we realised that these lovely pets did not have a market for clothing and accessories, we decided to take action to meet this need and therefore we launched the website to enable dog lovers from all over the world to buy affordable dog clothing and accessories. Our site will not only give you clothing items for all seasons and occasions but will also provide with great and unique accessories for your pet dog that will definitely turn heads. Read on and see why you should take some time to buy from our site.

We only stock quality items
We love our pets hence so we only buy the best items in the market for them. We would never subject another dog to go through life with an item, be it clothing or accessory, which is of low quality! Therefore, we make sure that everything that we stock on our website for you to buy is of the highest possible quality.  Every item we sell is carefully scrutinized to ensure that it satisfies both the dog and the owner.

We know the meaning of the word 'variety’
When you buy some fashion items for your own use, you don't go to a store that has only one item, you select the store that stocks a variety. With this same reasoning, the moment you decide to visit our online store, you will have trouble signing out! We are constantly adding and expanding to our range too in order to provide you with the best range and we make sure that we have items for dogs of any size so you will always be able to find something that fits. From cooling coats to keep your puppies cool in hot season to winter coats, clothing, raincoats and accessories you are guaranteed to find what you want from our new website.

We have dog clothing for special events
When we are going out to parties and events, we like taking our wonderful dogs with us and we thought that you would like to do the same. Therefore, we decided to stock some clothing items that will allow you to dress your pet for special events such as weddings.  From Dog Tuxedos, bowties and even Santa outfits, you and your pet will be the envy of the party!

We are home of the Snuggle Puppie

A Snuggle Puppie stimulates the same functions as a puppies mom and siblings, by providing a realistic ‘beating heart’ and a gentle warmth. The Snuggle Puppie has a 'realistic' heart beat, which is operated by batteries; and includes two disposable non-toxic heating packs (which last for 20 hours each).  Snuggle Puppies have received many recommendations from vets, breeders and new dog owners. We are proud to be the official stockists and suppliers of the Snuggle Puppie in the UK.


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