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We have everything you need for your new puppy. A one stop puppy shop right here to make life easy in bringing your pup home. Exciting times!

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    Scruffs Cosy Dog/Puppy Mattress Bed in Grey

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    CThe Scruffs® Cosy Dog Mattress Bed is produced using a two-tone faux suede (micro-fibre) & super-soft plush combination. The soft mattress sty...

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    Original Price £39.99
    Current Price £25.99
    Save 35%

There's so much to think about when getting a new puppy. And that's where we come in. We have everything you need for bringing your new puppy home. We're your one stop puppy shop if you like!

There is a lot to think about to be prepared for them joining your family and in our blog you can find a helpful list of essential items to make the initial days and weeks easier.

If you break it into 4 easy sections it makes shopping for your new arrival simpler.

Firstly, where will they sleep and have down time (they do!). We have puppy crates along with beds that fit inside. Puppy sized dog beds will allow them to feel safe and secure and many are inexpensive. And one thing to remember is that you can't have too many dog blankets for your new family member, puppies use lots. And a snuggle puppy friend for those who want to settle on their own when you go out or are in bed.

Secondly you will need lots of toys. Puppies need the right types of stimulation so you will see a variety of textures and types of toys to keep your new pup entertained.

Thirdly a collar, lead and for some a harness are needed. As much as they don't get out for walks straight away you will need to get them used to the feel of them in the house and garden ready for the big outdoors.

And finally eating. Bowls for food and water are important, making sure they are the right type for your dog breed. Treats for training are key as the first few weeks offer the best time to get the key behaviours trained.