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Free UK Delivery With Orders Over £39 Terms & Conditions Apply
Free UK Delivery With Orders Over £39 Terms & Conditions Apply
New Weepet Logo and Website

New Weepet Logo and Website

Well January was a busy month. After the business moved up north to Warrington, we spent the month working with Ady our fantastic designer to sort out a new logo and following this design a website that works better for you when shopping.

New Logo

Often the hardest thing about a new logo is where to start but this time we found the starting point easy. The founders of Weepet had Chihuahua's so we wanted to maintain the history of the business but we have Labradors so we wanted to build this in. Add this to the fact that Weepet has been supplying dog coats and dog clothing to all sizes and breeds of dogs for several years, despite the origins being around small breeds of dogs. We had a design plan. 

Ady's brain then worked his creative magic and what you see today isn't far from the first draft design. Well either he's amazing or we provided a brilliant brief!!

Colour was the hardest element once we loved the design but after a few different goes we settled on black, white and pink. It worked (well for us anyway) and Weepet 2019 was born. 

New Website

Next came the new website. As we have plans this year to broaden from the dog coats, dog clothing and Snuggle Puppies that we have sold for a while we have redesigned the site ready for a whole lot of new, innovative and exciting products. These will include dog beds, dog toys, things to occupy a dogs mind, travel accessories and much more. 

The website is now live and mobile optimised so hopefully you can look around with more ease and see the lovely products we have to offer. 

Watch this space though as lots of new products will be added over the coming weeks...this is just the beginning of things to come. 

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