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Free UK Delivery With Orders Over £39 Terms & Conditions Apply
Weepet rebrands as Treat Your Dog

Weepet rebrands as Treat Your Dog

Some of you will have spotted the rebrand this week to Treat Your Dog. You'll know if you read our blog post earlier in 2019, that we took the business over at the beginning of the year and shared our plans.

At this point we 'ummed and ahhed' over the brand look and name, but decided upon different sizes of dogs within the logo to express the fact that Weepet had been supplying all sorts of sized dog clothing for years, and had moved on a lot from the days of small breed coats and clothing (from where Weepet began).

It then took a Great Dane owner to point out to us something we kind of already knew (but were afraid to admit)... we're not really about Wee Pets anymore. We cater for German Shepherd Dogs and Labradors, as much as we cater for Chihuahuas. Spaniels and Beagles. The logo looked like it but the name just  didn't say it.

So we read your messages on email and social media to ensure we understand what you our customers wanted. We debated "what are you doing when you shop with us?" And then it made sense.... You're treating your dog! Any sized dog! Treating YOUR dog!

And so there we have it - Treat Your Dog. The business has now been renamed

The logo remains as we want to make sure you can treat ALL your dogs, whatever the breed, whatever the size.

The business core remains the find you products that make a difference to the health, happiness or fun for you and your dog. We will continue on that.

I hope you will continue to enjoy our journey that we are on and as ever please share with us anything you'd like to see at 

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy treating your dog :)

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